Car troubles during your drive will be handled promptly.
We attempt to manage service quality based on indexes of the claim rate, average callout time, response rate and automobile knowledge level.
We also provide services which will satisfy your customers by building good and smooth cooperative relationship with our partners.

Roadside assistance

JAIC Emergency Service Center

Our services

  • Towing arrangement
  • Rent-a-car information
  • Auto repair shops referrals
  • Alternative transportation referrals
  • Locksmith arrangement
  • Gas station information
  • Car transfer services
  • Accommodation referrals
  • Car inspection discount
  • Hospital referrals
  • Telephone repair consultation

Clients’ stories (Roadside assistance)

Increase in customers’ comment: “They came right after the accident”

We outsource JAIC our roadside services and we are obtaining high reputation from our customers: “They came immediately after the accident”, “The GPS location system was very useful”, “JAIC’s correspondence was so polite and calm that I became very relaxed” and more. JAIC’s service helped us a lot improving customer satisfaction.

Our services

・Rescue vendors arrangement ・Accommodation/hospital referrals ・Legal and technical advices on vehicles

What we do

With only one call, we provide various automobile services 24/7.

Wrecker services

We will move your vehicles from the site when they don’t work due to the accident/breakdown.

Onsite emergency first-aid treatment

On-site basic repair for small motor, two-wheeled, four-wheeled and oversized vehicles is available.

  • ・Battery run-out
  • ・Changing to spare tires
  • ・Out of gas
  • ・Locking yourself out
  • ・Draw-up services for fallen wheels