Prompt on-site arrival is possible by our in-house map system to search the nearest specialist immediately.

Car troubles require prompt action.
In that situation, with our in-house map system, we will search the most suitable specialist, according to trouble the occurring, out of all superior partners in Japan categorized by trouble, and immediately specify your customer’s location by address, landmark, etc.
We are also introducing the GPS location system for mobile phones.
When it is hard for users of this roadside service to tell our contact center where they are, we can specify where users are by having them send their GPS lat/long information to our system from their mobile.

Clients’ stories (JAIC’s in-house map system)

We got more appreciation from our customers due to JAIC’s map system

Out of all the agents which under takes roadside assistance contact center, we decided to cooperate with JAIC as they had their in-house map system. As a result, this system is contributing to the customer satisfaction improvement and our customers are valuing it as “In spite of not able to speak accurately over phone, JAIC had handled the trouble promptly.”

Our services

Specifying customer’s current location ・Specialists search ・Call correspondence ・Requiring callout

Our services

In-house map system

We will specify where you are, arrive to the site immediately and promptly search the suitable specialist for the trouble.

GPS location system for mobile phones

When your customer is having trouble telling the situation accurately, we can specify the customer’s location by having him/her send the GPS lat/long information to our system from the mobile.
This service will shorten the time verifying your customer’s current location and the time for rescue car to arrive.

Prompt rescue services

This service assures an immediate arrival to the car accident scene.

  • ・Repair consultation services
  • ・Gas station information
  • ・Car inspection discount
  • ・Alternative transportation referrals
  • ・JAF* referrals/arrangement *JAF = Japan Automobile Federation
  • ・Rent-a-car information
  • ・Alternative transportation referrals
  • ・Accommodation referrals