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We all know how risking it is to get in trouble abroad; we face into difficulties such as “becoming sudden illness”, ”not knowing where the medical faclities are”, “unable to tell your symptoms well in words” and so on.
In overseas, especially under illness or accident, you might be in serious situations if  treatments are delayed and inappropriate.
With our medical assistance, we provide the appropriate solutions for such unexpected problems on a 24-hour basis : medical facilities referrals, in-patient and out-patient medical care management, related translation, medical costs reimbursement, and many more solutions to any troubles.

Global JAIC network

JAIC is responsible for operating Tokyo headquarters and oversea branches which work hand in hand. With this worldwide extensive network, we are always well-prepared to provide our assistance services far and wide.

Clients, JAIC Tokyo headquarters, Oversea branches

Clients’ stories (emergency medical evacuation)

Decompression sickness when scuba diving in a South Pacific country

A Japanese tourist on vacation became a serious decompression illness during scuba diving. There it was not possible to give him a hyperbaric oxygen therapy which is the efficacious treatment for decompression sickness. Therefore, we needed to transport the patient to Australia which was near.
But as the commercial flight will cause big difference in the air pressure, we immediately had decided to arrange an Air Ambulance*. With this Air Ambulance, we had safely brought him along to an Australian hospital without a big change in the air pressure.

*Air Ambulance: an air transportation for medical services furnished with ICU equipment

Our services

Air Ambulance chartering, Dispatch of doctors, medical equipment and medicines. Administrations for immigration and customs, Hospital preparation with Australia, Guaranteeing the payment of medical expenses to the hospital, Relaying medical information and treatment report to the persons concerned

Car accident in North Africa

Japanese expatriate had a car accident in a North African country. He was seriously injured with brain hemorrhage and femoral fracture. We had a call from his workplace and for an urgent surgery we hired an Air Ambulance to Paris. Due to this prompt support, it was a successful operation.
For his family in Japan, it was a sudden travel to Paris. JAIC had supported issuing their passports urgently and had done all the reservation of the flight ticket and accommodation near the hospital.
After this patient was transferred to Japan for the long-term rehabilitation by the commercial flight using a stretcher. This arrangement was also done by JAIC.

Our services

Air Ambulance chartering, Dispatch of doctors, medical equipment and medicines; administrations for immigration and customs, Arrangement of hospitals in Paris and Japan, Guaranteeing medical expenses incurred in Paris, Obtaining permission from the airline company for boarding the patient and the stretcher, Arranging the agent for customs procedures in Japan, Arrangement of an ambulance from the airport to the hospital after reaching Japan

Our services for rescuers/returnees in emergency

With our worldwide network and extensive expertise, JAIC will bring solutions for any situations by providing medical information, medical transportation, transportation and accommodation arrangement in emergency, relaying services and so on.

Medical field

  • ・Provision of medical-related information
  • ・Dispatch of doctors and nurses; relaying insurance-related medical information
  • ・Medication delivery services
  • ・Doctors/nurses/hospitals referrals and appointments
  • ・Referral of interpreters for conducting medical procedures
  • ・Ambulance information offering services
  • ・Supporting commodity preparation in case of hospitalization
  • ・Relaying medical conditions to persons concerned
  • ・Arrangement of embalming/cremation of dead bodies abroad
  • ・Relaying between the doctor on site and attending doctor in Japan
  • ・Medical evacuation transportation for patients
  • ・Medical expense reimbursement (Cashless  Medical Services)

For returnee and families in emergency

  • ・Travel arrangement for family members (flight tickets, accommodation)
  • ・Search/rescue/transport coordination in distress
  • ・Return travel arrangement (flight tickets, accommodation)
  • ・Safe haven information when evacuation recommendation is made
  • ・Property management after evacuation
  • ・Relaying with the field after immediate return

Medical agent/relaying services

  • ・Relaying information/consultation regarding insurance issues
  • ・Relaying insurance claims application (referrals and acquisition of documents for insurance claims)
  • ・Police calls and acquisition of accident certification (translation, documents preparation)
  • ・Relaying to the other claim agents