We support you prevent from unpredictable crisis like disaster and terrorism.

You might wish to be best prepared in case of overseas catastrophes.
Unpredictable events, such as announcement of evacuation recommendation due to natural disasters, political changes, terrorism, civil wars, could occur.
JAIC offers emergency evacuation services, accommodation reservation for evacuees, relaying services to contact your headquarters.
In case of your staff in injuries, we can support you comprehensively, with another services from us - Medical Assistance Services, and back your business up.

Clients' Stories

Emergency evacuation due to the riot occurrence

Our client B locates its branch in country A, and one day had requested JAIC to evacuate their staff immediately. JAIC had determined that they should evacuate by charter from the airport 100km away from our client B’s office. We had asked them to gather in the hotel nearby and went to the airport by bus and succeeded in evacuating to a third country, country C.
There were sick people due to the extreme tension, so we arranged some medical services in country C. But as we decided that those services were not enough to cure their symptoms, we had coordinated transportation to country D.

Our Services

Local investigation with our overseas branches (evacuation route consideration), Charter & airport bus assistance, Medical services arrangement in country C for the patients, Ambulance coordination in country C and D, Dispatch of escorting doctors, Seat guarantee in scheduled flight from the country C to the country D, Arrangement of medical services in country D

Our services

We support your emergent evacuation from the unpredictable events, etc.

Evacuation support

  • ・Coordination of scheduled flight and charters; evacuation support for urgent return/to the neighbor countries
  • ・Property management after evacuation
  • ・Relaying with the local country after the urgent return

Information service

We provide information about your evacuation shelter. We are also gathering information on other countries by making full use of our worldwide network and not to say Japanese Foreign Affairs and diplomatic establishments.

Relaying services with your headquarters in Japan

If you inform us several people in charge from your Japanese headquarters, JAIC will ensure to make reports to them.

Rescuers support services

We arrange the flight tickets and accommodation for the rescuers. So in case of an immediate flight to the spot, the tickets is instantly prepared.
Account adjustment could be done afterwards. There is no need to prepare the fee.

Other services

  • ・Research/rescue/transport coordination in distress
  • ・Urgent message relaying services