Our specialists are extremely familiar with local expertise so that you can travel with no worries.

Whether for pleasure or business, it is necessary in abroad to not only gather information over hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc. but also prepare for all kinds of arrangement such as reserving accommodation.
And in emergency like robbery and accident, you need accurate information and set things straight in prompt.
JAIC’s Business & Travel services are managed by our specialists in local expertise, and they will support you in any cases on site.

Service Flow

Customer's service call, oversea branches, JAIC Tokyo headquarters

Clients' stories

Clients’ Stories
Troubles during overseas business trip

Our personnel’s wallet was stolen during business trip in Singapore. Being totally upset, the staff contacted JAIC’s Tokyo headquarters.
Then JAIC’s correspondent had politely supported our staff with encouraging words and the personnel was relieved.
The correspondent had also advised the staff adequately regarding the lost credit cards.

Our services

Advices and assistance services on all kinds of trouble on site, Lost credit cards replacement information

Our Services

JAIC’s Business & Travel is managed by our specialists in local expertise, and they will support you in any cases on site.

Legal procedures/Translation services

  • ・Lawyers  referrals
  • ・Interpreters referrals
  • ・Bail bond services

Non-medical Claim agent/Relaying Services

  • ・Relaying services on insurance issues
  • ・Referrals and acquisition assistance of documents for insurance claims
  • ・Police calls and acquisition of accident certification (translation, documents preparation)
  • ・Relaying to the other claim agents
  • ・Damage investigation assistance services

Travel Related Services

  • ・Lost luggage tracking /search
  • ・Immigration information
  • ・Auto repair shops  referrals
  • ・Information on local medical & health system
  • ・Rent-a-car  information
  • ・Weather information
  • ・Emergency roadside assistance  assurance
  • ・Information on currency exchange
  • ・Lost overseas travel documents/credit cards replacement information
  • ・Secretary services arrangement
  • ・Airport Limousine reservation
  • ・Appointment making service
  • ・Telephone translation services
  • ・Conference room booking/arrangement
  • ・Tour guides coordination
  • ・Restaurant referrals/reservation
  • ・Interpreters referrals
  • ・Hotels referrals/booking
  • ・Leisure related reservation/arrangement
  • ・Urgent message relaying services
  • ・Ground transportation referrals/reservation/arrangement
  • ・Luggage delivery services