Supporting foreign tourists in Japan
Assistance services for foreigners visiting Japan
We support overseas tourists in Japan regarding any medical issues.
Moreover, we offer concierge services which will make your time in Japan even better.

No worries if you cannot make yourself understood in Japanese. JAIC’s contact center will support your visit in Japan for pleasure or business.
We are available 24/7 over phone, of course supporting any emergency such as sudden illness and accident and consulting over health issues. Moreover, we provide several concierge services for you to enjoy Japan more.
Recommendation & reservation services and advices (restaurants and hotels, etc.) over Japanese manners are all available in languages from more than 100 countries.

Service Flow

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Clients’ stories (services for foreign tourists in Japan)

As one of the services for foreign travelers

For Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we were planning Japan-domestic package tours for foreigners. So we looked for some service with great generosity so that the travelers can realize the Japanese omotenashi (hospitality in Japanese) and found JAIC’s services.
We only do not offer medical assistance to the travelers but also be a travel guide on the phone and reserve your accommodation. Also, with our Japanese manners Support Services, you can learn a lot of peculiar Japanese manners and enjoy your trip by understanding Japanese cultures.

Our Services

Tourism guide coordination, Hotels & Leisure recommendation and reservation, Introduction of Hotels & homes manners, Introduction of Shrines & Temples manners

Personal cares for our personnel in business trip to Japan

Due to our business expansion in Japan, we had couple of our staff go there.
In an unaccustomed environment, a few of them became ill. But thanks to the JAIC’s medical assistance, they provided us some medical consultation and recommended us hospitals. In the end, they all have completed their tasks and came back.

Our services

Doctors/Hospitals referrals and appointments

What we do

With one call, we will support your stay in Japan 24/7.

Medical assistance services

In case of sudden illness and accident, we are ready to introduce you the right hospital and arrange your transportation.

  • ・Doctors/Hospitals recommendation
  • ・Transportation coordination
  • ・Medical payment arrangement (Cashless Medical Service)
  • ・Repatriation of mortal remains
  • ・medical repatriation, return travel services and preparation for changing hospitals
  • ・Accompanying doctors/nurses arrangement (in return travel) and phone call translation services in languages from more than 100 countries
  • ・Arrangement for rescuers/visitors from Japan

Medical & Health Consultation Service

We are ready to advice medical and health issues 24/7

  • ・Consultation and advice over health and medical goods
  • ・Emergency medical consultation, first-aid procedures advices
  • ・Medical services/Doctors introduction

Recommendation and reservation (Concierge services)

We offer recommendation on any kinds of services in over 100 languages. We also do all the reservation.

  • ・Airport transportation service arrangement
  • ・Travel guide arrangement
  • ・Recommendation and reservation for restaurants & hotels & leisure related services
  • ・Lost luggage search/investigation

Information services (Concierge services)

Useful information in languages from more than 100 countries

  • ・Immigration information in Japan and worldwide
  • ・Weather information and currency exchange information
  • ・Embassy and consular office information
  • ・Transportation information
  • ・Information on overseas related documents
  • ・Information on credit cards replacement services

Japanese manners services (Concierge services)

Useful information languages from more than 100 countries

  • ・Introduction of Hotels & homes manners
  • ・How to sit down in Japanese style
  • ・Introduction of Shrines & Temples manners
  • ・Japanese greetings
  • ・Japanese bathing style
  • ・Gifts and souvenirs exchanges
  • ・How to use Japanese toilets
  • ・How to use business cards in Japan
  • ・Table manners in Japan
  • ・About Japanese names and appellations
  • ・How to use chopsticks in Japan
  • ・About Japanese superstitions