Supporting custom-home builders and property managing companies to provide better “living environment services”

Our life assistance will support “preparing living environment” “more comfortable and reassured” for your tenants and customers buying homes.We will respond to your customers’ call just like you will 24/7.

Clients’ stories (life assistance)

Aiming to differentiate by improving our services’ added-values

We were looking for the contact center which will undertake all the emergency correspondence and consultation regarding living problems. We intended to differentiate from our industry peers by adding extra values with JAIC’s services. This new service had terrific response. This service’s reputation is very high as everything will be solved with only one call; this is very convenient for our customers. We would like to continue providing this service to our customers.

Our services

・Agent services for arranging living specialists ・Agent services for consulting information center

What we do

We cooperate with reliable professionals all over Japan and provide the following high quality services.

Emergency callout services

For living troubles such as key, bathroom (water & sewerage) and glass, we will support you 24/7.

  • ・Water and sewerage plumbers referrals

Benefits package services

Available when reserving hotels, inns & tours and receiving the discounts for leisure faculties

Glazier services

We recommend you expert glaziers.

※Any glass fees are under your responsibility

Consultation services over phone

Services over phone which deals with various living topics such as medical & health consultation, legal advisement, tax affairs/asset management and any other issues

Referrals services

Highly-selected and excellent remodeling contractor referrals

Any other home assistance

Specialist referrals according to your needs
We support your room rearrangement, from one change in furniture’s location, and also help you move home, convey luggage and handle any other easy tasks