24/7 and prompt agency services for lost keys and toilet troubles

Any of your problems regarding locksmith and plumbing services will be solved promptly.
To whom in trouble feeling bad, we will encourage dispelling your anxiety and will be sure to deal with you cordially for reassurance.

Clients’ stories (housing assistance)

We outsourced around-the-clock contact center for key troubles

We are outsourcing daily life services to JAIC. It is certain that their services are improving our customer satisfaction. Our customers are commenting: “They came as soon as I hanged up the phone.”, “JAIC’s correspondence was so polite and calm that I became very relaxed.”

Our services

Agent service for contact center arranging locksmith

What we do

We cooperate with reliable professionals all over Japan and provide the following high quality services.

Plumbing (water and sewerage) services

We provide specialized plumbers for drainage, bathroom, and clog/water leakage clearing.

  • ・Water and sewerage plumbers referrals

Locksmith services

We offer professional locksmith who can open the lock when you lose your home key, safe, suitcase, etc. and when you have changed your lock for security.

  • ・Opening the lock
  • ・Duplicating the key
  • ・Changing the lock

Glazier services

We recommend you expert glaziers.

※Any glass fees are under your responsibility

Any other home assistance

  • ・Moving furniture
  • ・Opening/closing windows in high places
  • ・Changing tubes and more