We will train your staff to realize the continued operation with high quality correspondence efficiently and effectively.

What is the biggest problem in contact center operation?
JAIC thinks it is how to achieve the continuous operation with high-quality correspondence efficiently and effectively by keeping communicators’ skill and motivation high.
Our training seminars will figure out your center’s problems and will aim to solve them. From individual couching to the follow-up, JAIC will consistently train you to acquire remarkable correspondence skill.
For example, we provide management training seminars, “summarization skill” improvement courses for supervisors, individual couching and any other seminars according to cases.
JAIC can respond to your expectations to make your in-house incoming works “contact centered” or to develop the communicators from the scratch and realize your contact center to achieve providing the high-quality services.

Training seminars & individual seminars

Seminars that leads to problem solving

There is always some “reasons” when problems occur and it is essential to determine those “reasons” to solve the problems. To ensure that our seminars will bring on the sure problem solving, JAIC’s trainers will conduct a detailed research, sort out your problems by our unique know-how and find out the way to solutions. We offer training seminars according to your request, for example, training seminars for managers/supervisors and companies at their start with contact center services.

Training seminars designing flow



We will find out the way for problem solving by conducting a detailed hearing to on-site operational staff.


Analyzing problems

We will interview your staff “whether they have problem consciousness or not” and “what they are worried about” and analyze your problems.


Monitoring and checking

We will analyze problems further after monitoring and checking the issues with analysis results.


Designing seminars based on the analysis results

According to the analysis results of hearing and monitoring, we will design the training seminars to solve your problems.

Providing follow-up with detailed individual couching

In order to utilize maximally the knowledge/skill acquired in the training seminars, it is very effective to take an individual couching right after the seminars when communicators are highly-motivated and well-absorbing. During the individual couching, we will record communicators’ correspondence and find out problems. Moreover, through hearing, teaching and couching, we will lead them to improve their problems spontaneously and teach much further tips for improvement.

Individual couching flow


Monitoring and checking

Communicators’ correspondence will be recorded and by checking it, we will find out problems in detail.


Analyzing problems

We will analyze why the problem had occurred by interviewing the communicator.


Deriving what to improve

We will teach the communicator how to think and make remarks to the problem improvement by him/herself. We will also advice how to correspond even better.

Clients’ stories (training seminars)

Contribution to the general improvement in total quality by conducting seminars including managers

We had no idea how to improve our in-house contact center and were at loss, but thanks to JAIC’s training seminars and individual couching, our service quality had improved. They conducted seminars including managers and created from check sheets to evaluation indexes for us. Based on those materials, JAIC presented us the following guiding principle and cared us how to teach our communicators. After the training, they prepared personal skill feedback & archival record as after call work service and led us up to the situation we can conduct no ad hoc and continuous operational improvement.

Our services

・Quality improvement of the contact center, giving skill-up seminars in specialized themes ・Individual couching to develop high-quality correspondence skill of  managers/supervisors/communicators

“Team dispatching” to your company

We will dispatch the staff (supervisors and communicators) with know-how of JAIC’s contact center services to your company and help out improving your center. If you could inform us how you would like to assign your supervisors and personnel in the center, we are able to back you up by consultation. We can flexibly support you, for example, dispatching the team with certificates of life and non-life insurance.
Also, we will dispatch our staff in a flexible formation, like only supporting for the first three days of the start (which includes conducting training seminars and giving feedback).

If you wish to start small...

We can offer you three-day plan for the team dispatch which includes conducting the seminars and giving feedback to the staff.