You can leave the back-office operations to us. We follow up 24/7 with our unique system.

Our inbound service will once undertake all of your contact center services and realize the high-quality correspondence and improve customer satisfaction. And JAIC’s experienced staff will flexibly engage in our outbound service “with cordial correspondence” as a motto.
Different kinds of human resources and know-how are prepared in order to improve your customer satisfaction.
Leave all the work to us: handling the subordinate mail and FAX matter, administration office support and list management/tabulation/report-making.
With combined use of the inbound and outbound services, it is possible to provide 24/7 callback correspondence.
As our communicators are multitasking and are able to handle summing/administration, JAIC’s services are operated with high rate and cost-effectiveness; this makes our services more advantaged.
Of course we can consult your contact center services in spot period, for example, you can outsource us only for the high season like sales and Christmas holidays.

Detailed and reliable system

General Manager, Supervisors, Communicators

With JAIC’s detailed management system, supervisors will immediately follow-up communicators when they are dealing with difficult cases in order for them to escalate smoothly to superiors.

Clients’ stories (Inbound/outbound services)

We were able to focus more on our normal work due to the quality improvement in our contact services

JAIC’s advantage was that they will undertake all the subordinate mail & FAX matter and administration office support. Also their communicators were excellent and multitasking. Thanks to that service, we did not need any extra hiring for each task and extra preparation for handoff. As a result, their services marked high ROI. Once trust was built between us, it was easy for us to entrust JAIC with all of our work. Therefore, we were able to concentrate on our normal work and tasks in upper process.

Our Services

Undertaking all the management/tabulation/report-making regarding your inbound/outbound services, Handling subordinate tasks, management/tabulation/report-making from the outbound list, Detailed communication and cordial correspondence for 24/7