We support your launching in one-stop from analyzing problems to self-supporting growth.

「Do you want “to launch a contact center with high qualified correspondence”?
If so, why not consider JAIC’s consulting which our contact center operation know-hows are fully applied?
We will conduct hearings for analyzing problems, infrastructure introduction at the beginning, manual preparation and fully support the operation planning including trainings for high quality correspondence, etc.
Starting with making proposal on operating environment structure, standing in for infra related negotiation with vendors and constructing information management system to back your staff up, and so on, we will consult you comprehensively.

We will also design your job holistically – from backyard operations like postal handlings to selection of telephone devices.
JAIC is possible to launch the contact center and support system introduction with total optimization including operation and cost aspects.
Even in the quality management after launching, we will focus on fostering your center to always have the abilities and skills to compete, for example, have your staff to grow up and be independent and deal with quality improvement spontaneously, etc.

Consultation service flow


Establishing your ideal contact center

1 Brainstorming “Affirming the future image of ideal contact center and the passion for its set-up”
We conduct hearings to the persons in charge of the center management and check what they wish to achieve in the contact center business.
2 Hearings “Understanding the current situation”
We will sort out your budget, which staff to utilize, the period of time until commencement, etc, and set priorities.


Operational design

1 Setting human resources development policy & control indexes
We plot out the development policy, confirm requirements of the key figures like the general manager and supervisors and set the control indexes such as KPI.
2 Requirements confirmation regarding infrastructure & optimum solution proposals
We will confirm your infrastructural conditions and optimum solutions, in the aspect of cost-effectiveness, will be proposed from us.
3 Operational point confirmations
We will check your service contents, basic rules of center operation and how to work together with the affiliates.


Environmental maintenance

Introducing phone lines, PBX and incoming call system
We thrash out your requirements on the system and select the most suitable one.
System proceeding, call flow planning and guidance set-up will be all done by us.


Human resources development/education

1 Key staff development (general manager, supervisors)
We will train more than one key staff according to your human resources development policy. Our proposal will bring utilizing your human resources into view.
2 Recruitment and education
With key staff being on the same page and having the groundwork for on-site operation ready, we will recruit supervisors & communicators and plan/conduct the education program instead.


Operational simulation and finding out problems

1 Simulating call flow/operation flow
We will simulate whether your call flow/operation flow is suitable for on-site operation.
2 Reconfirming the problems and resolving
We will recheck the sufficiency of the whole requirements and plan/conduct the solutions to the remaining problems before you commence your service.

Contact center services start


Effect measurement and operational improvement

1 On-site operation support
We will support your problem solving by assisting the on-site operation centering your key staff on.
2 Achievement checks of control indexes and operational improvement proposals
We will check your achievement based on the control indexes designed.
We will also propose operational improvement by reflecting the customers’ comments and plan what to conduct.

Reassured management system for contact center services

Quality management
							Periodic check on call services’ present situation→Conduct monitoring→Feedbacks to communicators→Checks by re-monitoring

Quality management

We will provide services in high quality by following up our staff comprehensively with periodic monitoring/couching and as a result we can realize these services with “utmost courtesy in excellent manners” which computers are unable to conduct.

Security management

We will structure thorough information management systems such as room-enter/leave management and access control management system, etc. Also, we will firmly guard your important data and back up communicators. Of course, the consulting over security problem solving is also available.

Clients’ stories (Consultation service for contact center installation)

JAIC’s immense know-how on launching and their comprehensive strength proved decisive.

As JAIC has a reputation for backyard operation of membership organization, we asked them to support us launching the in-house contact center. JAIC is affiliated with many partner companies. Therefore, we were able to consider wide range of contact center services. JAIC was a very assuring partner for launching the center.
Their support was perfect as JAIC had proposed us membership promoting plan and some operational improvement even after launching. It is certainly with the help of JAIC that I managed to operate as the general manager despite having no experience of contact center service.

Our services

・Total support of launching/installation of the new contact center ・Understanding problems, hearings, planning, designing operation flow ・Designing system installation considering operational/cost aspects ・Training seminars ・Writing scripts for communicators, manual preparation, quality management ・Report writing