With the on-site research we will take measures to solve problems and will act as your adviser to improve your business in its best way.

“What is the problem in the first place?” “We want a better consulting service than now.”
To whom with these questions, please consider JAIC’s consulting which our contact center operation know-hows are fully applied.

We will support you to achieve the best contact center operation by proposing improvement plans with system design and cost reduction in mind; we also postulate its growth.
If necessary, we will be your advisor for making proposal handouts for the escalation and to secure an internal budget.
We provide consultation services which meet various needs such as infrastructure related and security consultation.
JAIC does not only improve the contact center itself but also consult it by creating concretely the ideal contact center image through the position of managers and their goals.

Consulting service flow


Affirmation of your ideal contact center

1 Brainstorming “Thrashing out problems and affirm your ideal contact center”
We conduct hearings one by one, to the persons in charge of the center management and affirm their expectation values and what and when to improve the problems.
2 Hearings “Understanding the current situation”
We will be on site from couple of days to weeks and understand the present situation. Your schedule can be flexibly designed according to your volume of work, for example, on or off season.
Interviews and group discussions
We plan hearings for each rank such as supervisor, leader or communicator; and will also grasp the on-site needs by interviews and group discussions.


Plotting out improvement plans

1 Considering problems and their reasons/planning improvement steps
We will sort out problems with which all the staff involved in contact center management has come up and identify the reasons. Also the improvement plan will be proposed tailored to the period of time you demand.
2 Requirements confirmation regarding infrastructure & optimum solution proposals
We will check whether you have just enough infrastructures such as telephone lines and PBX. Also, optimum solutions, in the aspect of cost-effectiveness, will be proposed from us.
3 Resetting human resources development policy & control indexes
We present all the confirmation & selection of requirements, including how the approach should be, to the key figures such as the general manager and supervisors. Then we reset the control indexes like KPI.



Action planning

1 Selecting improvement plans & deciding implementation systems
We will confirm the period of implementation & required cost, and will propose you the effect measurement procedures.
2 Vendor referrals & support of telephone related/incoming call system
Upon request, we will go between you and the optimum vendor we have worked together before. We also support the procedures up to launching.


Working through improvement plans

1 Reeducating/retraining your key figures (general manager, supervisors)
We will train the key staff according to your human resources development policy and conduct the practical-minded coaching suitable for on-site operation.
2 Driving improvement plans forward & supporting on-site operation
We will move ahead on the improvement plans by having your key staff perform the core task. We will also back up the on-site operation from all perspectives.


Effect measurement and re-approaching

1 Checking improvement plans achievement/finding out the remaining problems
We will evaluate whether our output for the improvements were suitable and will thrash out the remaining problems and plot out another improvement plan.
2 Plan proposals for better qualified services
We will make long-term advices with an eye to the quality improvement and the contact center expansion in future.

Reassured management system for contact center services

Quality management
							→Periodic check on call services’ present situation →Conduct monitoring →Feedbacks to communicators →Checks by re-monitoring

Quality management

We will provide services in high quality by following up our staff comprehensively with periodic monitoring/couching and as a result we can realize these services with “utmost courtesy in excellent manners” which computers are unable to conduct.

Security management

We will structure thorough information management systems such as room-enter/leave management and access control management system, etc. Also, we will firmly guard your important data and back up communicators. Of course, the consulting over security problem solving is also available.

Clients’ stories (Improvement plan consultation)

JAIC’s consultation is different from other services in the aspect of far-sighted total optimization including the focus on operation costs.

Our company’s contact center had a problem in quality improvement and we were looking for a company which offers one-stop services. And it was JAIC who planned for us taking into consideration about our communicators’ abilities and skills. They had also visualized in written materials, the man-hour and manpower including the management we are supposed to have originally. JAIC had presented us the cost and the ROI for each situation, when introducing system and not; they let us look ahead to the future operation and decide whether to launch, and then design the system. JAIC was the first to judge, by the simulation, that we should dare not to systematize for keeping communicators’ services quality.

Our services

・Hearings considering operation and cost aspects ・System design & service build-up such as planning and operational steps ・Understanding problems, writing scripts for communicators, manual preparation, quality management ・Report writing ・Making proposal handouts for the escalation and to secure an internal budget