We are medical and insurance experts

JAIC has been involved with overseas medical assistance, medical consultation and medical investigation/translation services all these years. Taking advantage of those extensive experiences, our staff with comprehensive knowledge and background in their specialty will provide your customers high quality services.

We are 24/7 multilingual specialists

Multilingual and specialized communicators are available anytime. Our dedicated and talented employees with expertise have good communication skills in not only in major languages such as English, German, French, and Chinese but also in various languages.
So far, we have translated in 43 different languages.

We invest in our employees’ training and development

“No cordial correspondence will be carried with bookish knowledge.”
JAIC has this kind of opinion, and therefore develop our staff putting much values on role-playing on order to progress the skill to respond accurately in various situations.
We are possible to provide high-context services by reflecting our highly reputed contact center consulting know-how to the human resources trainings.

Our unique two systems

System 1
Our fount of the high quality correspondence - “Contact center training program”

Not being a center for “a mere customer response”, but for realizing the cordial correspondence – “not enough contacting” is said to be one of the reasons why customers leave.
JAIC’s communicators are not only responding to your customers.
We are thoroughly particular about our service quality. JAIC’s training sessions are designed to achieve the committed and focused communication and the cordial correspondence with our customers. And in order to realize them, we conduct their training step by step. Our communicators are trained one-on-one so that they can try to improve by themselves and learn to respond beyond the manual, never responding in mechanized and manual ways.

JAIC’s onboarding


Aptitude Test/Interviews

Conducting JAIC’s original test and interview to consider your skills


Communicators’ basic skill trainings

Acquiring the job overview by studying how to be well-prepared and some basic skills for the operation


Training lectures

Deepening the understanding of communicators’ work by the lecture-typed academic training in small group
After training, we will test and check their comprehension level.


System operation trainings

Training customer management system/incoming call system – by operating the actual system and training in small group



By having communicators do one-on-one role-playing before picking up calls, we will train them according to work in practice.

What’s unique in JAIC’s training?

No cordial correspondence will be carried with only bookish knowledge. We will develop accurate communicators to customer’s needs by focusing and putting great effort and time in role-playing.

Follow-up training

For mid-level communicators we will abstract problems by recording their correspondence. Moreover, we hear and coach them so that they can spontaneously make remarks about what to improve.

System 2
Managing qualities of our associates by our “superior partnership system”

JAIC’s partnership network is various and we are always ready to support you with this system all over Japan. Also, we comprehensively evaluate JAIC’s service partners by our unique criteria and register the ones that bore the criteria to our “superior partnership system”. In this “superior partnership system”, we score and rank our partners according to their management philosophy, education system, service level, numbers of district office, security features and more; in your customers’ troubles, we preferentially arrange our superior partners to rescue them.
For this, JAIC and our partners trust each other and are able to provide services with hospitality.